Soufeel Jewelry

Soufeel Jewelry (US)

SOUFEEL international jewelry was found in 2009, derived from England which leading the Europe fashion. Our mission is providing the best shopping experience for global women who love jewelry. SOUFEEL is pursed and populared rapidly by the global women with English-style craftsmanship quality, various styles and the incomparable service. SOUFEEL Jewelry is focused on the memorable day, the slogan is for every memorable day, it adopts the 925 sterling silver and colored gems, there are more than 500 special dangel charms with different elements, everybody could design their own theme based on special important day, such as, name, constellation, birthstone etc. SOUFEEL Jewelry created the beloved silver accessory continuously.

Due to the precise positioning and the good quality, it raises the intense reaction once launching on the market. SOUFEEL Jewelry entered the Europe market in 2011, and the North America and the Southeast Asian market follows. It is popular wherever it arrives, SOUFEEL has sold to more than 100 countries until now, the website has been translated into 12 languages. We could see "Trophy" shared by SOUFEEL fans on Facebook and Youtube. One item is sold every 26 seconds in average! Exactly, another item has been sold out when you are reading this paragraph.

SOUFEEL Jewelry is designed by the apiculate foreign jewelry team, designed in Thailand and produced in China. It adopts the craftsmanship as 925 sterling silver, Croatian leather, Italy murano and the insert gem etc. Part of the limited products are made manually. SOUFEEL give the commission that all the products stampted with 925 are the real silver, which could be tested in any organization and institution, if not 925 sterling silver, 10 times compensation will be given.

Our greatest wish is to meet your unique choice and pursuit with the good quality, charming and spectacular jewelry. Now we are inviting you to join us and create your personal style SOUFEEL